Sunday, 21 May 2017

Shiro Gothic Holy Lanten Outfit Planning

This is the third of the three outfits I planned back in April.
(Candy Guro Outfit + Wonderland Guro Outfit)
Technically, this was the first one I did artwork of, but it took me until now to lay out the actual outfit.

In the month since then, I got this dummy to display clothes on.

Outfit rundown:
Coat: Atelier Boz
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Everything else offbrand.

The coat closes properly when I wear it, the dummy is just a few inches bigger than me.

Which of the three outfits is your favourite?

Friday, 19 May 2017

Rituel De Fille "Anti-Highlighter" Review

The black blusher or the "anti-highlighter" was one of the many flash-in-the-pan viral makeup products that every random article insisted would be "the new rainbow highlighter".
Of course, the reason I wanted to hop on the trend for this one is because black blusher is SO goth ;)

It's described on the official website as 

"Eclipse is a black blush, contour, cream eyeshadow and lipstick in one remarkable shade. Worn sheer, Eclipse appears as a subtle aubergine, lending a cool-toned tint to the cheeks, lips or eyes. But the shadows deepen in a bolder application, with the color building up to a rich, dimensional black. "


This stuff is really nice. It is very sheer, despite how dark the fingertip swatch looks, it blends out to almost nothing very quickly.
Which is perfect for contour, blush, or using it as a darkening layer over lip colours.
I can see myself using it the same way I use the Red Stuff in my everyday makeup.
You know, when I want to get crazy, mix it up a little and use black instead of red......

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Tomie Guro Lolita

Here we have the makeup and outfit video for the look I wore to Half-O-Ween.
It was very much inspired by "Tomie", which I re-read recently.

The charatcer, Tomie, changes in appearance quite a lot during her story.
But I feel her most recognizable look is with long hair and a blunt fringe.
Of course, she always has the beuty spot under her left eye.

Outfit rundown:
Skirt: Triple Fortune
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Jacket: Innocent World
Handbag: Kreepvile66
headbow: Berunika
Everything else is offbrand.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Half-O-Ween at Edinburgh Dungeons

Last weekend our comm had a half-o-ween meetup at the Edinbugh Dungeons.
I've been to the dungons before when I was too young to remember it, so it was all new to me.

Group photo and outfit pictures taken by Agata 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Low Down And Dandy at the Alternative Tea Party

Previously, I mentioned the annual Tea Party Club event, and how I had somewhat impulsively decided to attend this year.
Tickets for this event sell out quickly, and while I was able to get one for the Saturday, I didn't get a ticket for the tea party on Sunday. Luckilly, the very sweet Louisa is putting to gether an "Alternative Tea Party"

A tea party for us other wise lost souls!
It's shaping up to be a great event, and I have donated some Low Down And Dandy jewelery to be given away as raffle prizes on the day.

These necklaces are all handmade, one of a kind and will not be stocked on my Etsy store.
They will only be avaliable as prizes at the Alternative Tea party!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Abandoned Priory Photoshoot

Last weekend I did a photoshoot with a photorgrapher I hadn;t worked with before: Doc mcManus.

He made his own video of the day, check it out!

He was really fun to work with, and was hapy with me filming.
he took all the drone footage, but let me use it, due to being a cool guy like that ;)

We went out to the old abandoned Priory building in wishaw for a fairly traditional "abandoned building + white dress" theme shoot.
I really liked this outfit and the makeup and outfit video will be up on Sunday, along with the photos from the shoot!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Everyday Vampire Makeup

3 months ago I was asked to do a video on my "everyday" makeup look.

 photo Comment_zpsul5mmbn6.png

I'm sorry it took me this long to get around to it...

I don't actually wear makeup every day, but this is pretty much my go-to/ simple makeup.

Step 1 is BB creme. Right now I'm using the Etude House Precious Minerals cushion and
3w Clinic collagen cusion.

Step 2 is powder. I use the 3w clinic pearl setting power, because it's glittey!

Step 3 is Red Stuff...
 photo RedStuff_zpsagi3uj5k.jpg

This is the most improtant step. Over the years I've amassed a lot of red makeup, and used a lot of different types, textures and shades of red. These are the ones I have on-hand at the moment.

Today I used the Lush pigment picutred in the centre.
Basically, what I do with these is put a little bit on my fingertips, dab it in the centre of my lips and on my cheeks, then rub the rest around my eyes.
And blend it out like crazy because a little goes a long way.

The last step is mascara. Plain black mascara on the eylashes and a little bit in my brows just to keep them in line.

And that is it.
Sometimes I only do the red stuff and call it a day!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Wonderland Guro Outfit Planning and Art

As I said in my previous outfit planning post, this year's Tea Party Club event is "Dream Masquerade Carnival", and will be featuring Angelic Pretty. And I'm going this year!

I only have three main AP pieces; Candy Treat, Holy Lantern and Wonder Queen.

This time, I went for something darker using Wonder Queen. Honestly, I would never have thought to try a guro look with this dress if my friend Uri hadn't suggested it :D

Like last time, I started by doing a quick drawing of what I wanted to outfit to look like.

My main theme here was "chopping heads". Thats why I went for the blood-drip choker and hatchet handbag. I also wanted to re-use the sceptre I bought to go with this dress when I wore it back in 2014. 

Outfit Rundown:
OP: Angelic Pretty
Blood Choker: Claires
Anatomical Heart Cameo: Etsy
Sceptre: Offbrand
Socks: Sourpuss
Boots: Queen Bee

This is my favourite of the outfits I've planned so far!
What do you think?

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Angelic Pretty Guro Kawaii Outfit Planning and Art

This year's Tea Party Club event is "Dream Masquerade Carnival", and will be featuring Angelic Pretty. 
I've never been to one of the big lolita events before, despite being in the fashion just over ten years
Somewhat impulsively, I decided I wanted to go this time. I got my ticket, and all that's left to do now is plan outfits.

I only have three main Angelic Pretty dresses, Holy Lantern, Wodner Queen and Candy Treat. Since it's an AP event, it makes sense to wear AP. 

Before laying out my clothes, I decided to draw a rough idea of what I wanted the outfit to look like.

Candy Treat is the oldest AP dress I own, and I first wore it to MCM Glasgow in 2013.

The cream with red gave it a guro look to me, and that's always been my favourite substyle.

This outfit is basically a re-hash of one I laid out last summer here: "Keep Out Of Reach Of Children"

Like in 2013, I put my apron over the top of it, and included the cross patch.

Like last summer, I put the Zettai Ryouiki pill print thigh-highs with it.

I put in the blood blag glasses chain, and rainbow pills ear cuff from my guro MCM outfit from last year too.

I added a madonna crown made from syringes, which is an acessory i've had in the works for little while.

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Apron: Heart E
Stockings: Zettai Ryouiki
Pill Ear Cuff, Syringe Necklace and Syringe Crown: Handmade

There's still plenty of time to plan outfits and come up with something.
I'm really excited about the event!

have you ever been to a major lolita event?
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