Friday, 14 July 2017

Butterfly Outfit Planning

Outfit Planning for an upcoming photoshoot!
Since my hair is dyed a full rainbow again, I decided to do something colourful.
And for various reasons, I recently ended up with two of these butterfly wing shawls.

Blouse: Bodyline
Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Butterfly Shawls: Ebay and Aliexpress I think.

Friday, 7 July 2017

"Puvithel" Ouji brooch Reiew

Puvithel is an independant jewellery shop. They mostly specialise in lolita fashion items, but recently released this brooch intended for Ouji and Dandy styles.
I bought two, one in Red and Gold and the other in Irridescant and Silver.

I initially ordered the second one in Gunmetal rather than silver, but changed my mind and sent a message asking to change it.
There was no problem with that, they changed it for me without any issue.

My order was placed on the 13th of June, and it arrived to me on the 30th.
That is remarkably quick for international shipping.

The peices themselves are gorgeous and high-quality. The chains are strong and aren't going to snap if they catch on something.

Overall, I am very pleased with these and will be keeping an eye on Puvithel for future releases!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Colour-Changing Lolita Jewelry

The lastest additions to the Low Down And Dandy shop are fun colour-changin pendants!
They are bright, vivid colours when cool. And fade into pastel tones or white when warm.

This one features white roses and a red heart. The roses stand out on the red backing when the pendant is cool, and the heart becomes prominent when the pendant is warm and the background fades to milky pink!
This item is being donated to the Tea Party Club event as a raffle prize.

This one is a gothic style cameo with a simple silver cross.
The backing changes from stark black when cool, to ghostly white when warm!
One of these will also be avaliable as a prize at the Tea Party Club event, but another will also be avaliable for purchase on my Etsy store now.

Buy it HERE.

Friday, 16 June 2017

International Lolita Day in Paris

Day 2 in Paris! We did as much as possible in the time we had in the city. It was totally exuasting, and totally worth it.

(Day 1 and Angelic Pretty)

Friday, 9 June 2017

Angelic Pretty in Paris

Our short trip to Paris finally came around! We spent two days in Paris over Summer ILD last weekend. 
This vlog is only the first day. Part 2 will be up soon.

Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.
The second day vlog is a long one, and will be up soon!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Shiro Gothic Holy Lanten Outfit Planning

This is the third of the three outfits I planned back in April.
(Candy Guro Outfit + Wonderland Guro Outfit)
Technically, this was the first one I did artwork of, but it took me until now to lay out the actual outfit.

In the month since then, I got this dummy to display clothes on.

Outfit rundown:
Coat: Atelier Boz
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Everything else offbrand.

The coat closes properly when I wear it, the dummy is just a few inches bigger than me.

Which of the three outfits is your favourite?

Friday, 19 May 2017

Rituel De Fille "Anti-Highlighter" Review

The black blusher or the "anti-highlighter" was one of the many flash-in-the-pan viral makeup products that every random article insisted would be "the new rainbow highlighter".
Of course, the reason I wanted to hop on the trend for this one is because black blusher is SO goth ;)

It's described on the official website as 

"Eclipse is a black blush, contour, cream eyeshadow and lipstick in one remarkable shade. Worn sheer, Eclipse appears as a subtle aubergine, lending a cool-toned tint to the cheeks, lips or eyes. But the shadows deepen in a bolder application, with the color building up to a rich, dimensional black. "


This stuff is really nice. It is very sheer, despite how dark the fingertip swatch looks, it blends out to almost nothing very quickly.
Which is perfect for contour, blush, or using it as a darkening layer over lip colours.
I can see myself using it the same way I use the Red Stuff in my everyday makeup.
You know, when I want to get crazy, mix it up a little and use black instead of red......

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Tomie Guro Lolita

Here we have the makeup and outfit video for the look I wore to Half-O-Ween.
It was very much inspired by "Tomie", which I re-read recently.

The charatcer, Tomie, changes in appearance quite a lot during her story.
But I feel her most recognizable look is with long hair and a blunt fringe.
Of course, she always has the beuty spot under her left eye.

Outfit rundown:
Skirt: Triple Fortune
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Jacket: Innocent World
Handbag: Kreepvile66
headbow: Berunika
Everything else is offbrand.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Half-O-Ween at Edinburgh Dungeons

Last weekend our comm had a half-o-ween meetup at the Edinbugh Dungeons.
I've been to the dungons before when I was too young to remember it, so it was all new to me.

Group photo and outfit pictures taken by Agata 

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