Tuesday, 5 January 2016

T.O.M Makeup and Stockings Review

Last December, I ordered a few things through the Tokyo Otaku Mode shopping site.
They offer a lot of cool nerdy stuff, as well as japanese fashion and beauty items.

I was mainly interested in these stockings, from the Zettairyouiki store!

(stock images shown above)
The print on these are of blood stained bandages (left), and colourful pills (right).
There is also a cute, colourful band-aid print, that was out of stock when I made the order.

Interestingly, these stockings arrived in branded DVD boxes. The boxes contain the stockings, and a blank disk.

I'm not sure what to do with these, but it was a nice touch and very unique way of packaging them.

The stockings themselves are very thick and very soft. They're comfortable and stretch enough to not pinch when you wear them, but aren't so tight they hurt.
The material will not ladder easily either.

The other item I ordered was this small makeup palette.
It's styled like a book, and Red Riding Hood themed. The packaging is red, and the eyeshadow colours are red, brown, gold and white. It fit right in to my daily makeup.

 This palette is from the brand Wakutaku.
They also do an Alice themed one, with a blue book, and cool-toned shadows.

The gold gives the highest colour pay-off out of the four colours.
They're not dusty, and do blend easily, which makes up for the slightly under-pigmented red.
(I like my red eyeshadow to be very, very bright. Although I know that look isn't for everybody!)

I used this pallette in a Red Riding Hood look HERE

ordering from Tokyo Otaku Mode is very easy. Everything arrived quickly - within two weeks of ordering them.

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