Sunday, 25 October 2015

AMOTY 2015 Contest Catwalk Show

Back in May, I talked about the auditions for the "AMOTY" (Alternative Model Of the Year) Contest auditions. Well, I got through to the finals, and this weekend went down to Newcastle to take part in my first ever catwalk show!

The first show's theme was "Prom Night", I wore a dandy outfit:

Necktie: Algonquins
Jacket: New Look
Everything else offbrand.

The second show was to be in your own personal style, so I went with a Shiro Vampire theme.

Bonnet: Medusa Couture
Dress: Surface Spell
Everything Else offbrand.

And of course, a video of the experience.
My walks filmed by my partner from the audience!

Congratulations to the winners!
There were so many amazing looks.
I'm looking forward to trying again already.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Guro Lolita finds on EBAY

Quite often, when someone asks me where I got a particular item of clothing, they are surprised when I tell them it's from ebay! I guess my luck for finding things on there is quite high.
Here's a compilation of some Guro/Horror Fashion faves, currently available on Ebay!

(also available in grey and red)

For any bows, accessories or trim you might need it for.

have a Happy Halloween!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Guro lolita finds on AMAZON

As a follow-up to my Guro Lolita finds on Etsy post, here's ten Guro/Horror fashion items found on Amazon! Some are more simple goth than actual guro or horror fashion, but they are all halloween ideas currently available on Amazon!

(also available with purple embroidery)

Oldschoo, ShiroLoli White Platform Shoes

(also available in black and red)

A must-have for every guro lolita to be,
Spray On Blood for Clothing!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Guro Lolita finds on ETSY

Searching for the perfect outfit pieces for your Halloween Guro Outfit?
Hopefully, I can lend a hand! Here, I have compiled ten of my favourite Guro/Horror Fashion items, currently available on Etsy.

Robe Du Crane from Gloomth

Vampire Gyaru Nails from Lhouraii

Doll Head Necklace from Lina Macijauskiene ART 

Thats ten for now! I hope you found something you were looking for, or an idea for a halloween outfit. Many of the shops linked also stock other horror and guro themed items, I only chose to show ones I felt were best representations.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Violet Fane Shop Review

Violet Fane Shop is an Etsy store that is currently selling this super creepy "Asylum" print skirt.
Coordinating accessories are available from the store, but I already had items I wanted to wear it with.

I made the order Sept 27th, and it arrived to me on October 10th.

Coordinated here with:
Metamorphose Blouse.
Dangerous Nude Tights.
"Bit Sweet" Necklace

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Phantom and the Maiden Review

I recently ordered the halloween release, bat embroidered dress from Phantom And the Maiden.

I contacted them through Facebook, on September 4th about placing the order and got a reply the same day, asking for my measurements and confirming the total cost including shipping to the UK.

They sent me the invoice, and I paid it all on that same day.

On Sept 25th they messaged me saying the dress was finished and ready to be shipped!
This is the image I was sent of the completed JSK:

On the 28th I was given notification of it having been shipped, and a tracking number.

It arrived safely a few days ago!

Overall, this was a flawless service. Good communication, no problems at all with the order.

Thank You, Phantom And The Maiden!

Phantom and the Maiden Dress Outfit Planning

My Phantom and the Maiden bat-embroidered dress arrived, and it is everything I hoped it'd be!
Tonight, I set to work planning an outfit around it.

Dress: Phantom and the Maiden
Cape: Fan+Friend
Shoes: Melissa

Dress: Phantom and the Maiden
Cape: Fan+Friend
Shoes: Offbrand

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