Saturday, 28 March 2015

Macintosh House Meet, Outfit Planning

In April, Scotloli are having a meetup at the Mackintosh House! Run by my lovely friend, LostinaFaerieTale

The Mackintosh House looks beautiful, it's local, and I';ve never been before! It's time to plan an outfit... I promised I'd wear my new Triple Fortune skirt, and have based three outfits around it;

Skirt over a long dress. 

Skirt with red blouse, under a chiffon overlay.

A more "traditional" lolita outfit, with a white blouse and ribbon lace-up shoes.

I personally like the first and last ones best. Both allow for a cardigan, if the weather gets chilly.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ghost Hunt Video: Scotway House

A few nights ago, some friends and I went to explore and search for ghosts in an abandoned building.

LadyKin Vanpir Dark Skincare Review.

Even though I have plenty of skin care items and moisturizers, as soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them. Because I am a sucker for anything vampire themed!

These are the "Vanpir Dark Repair Cream", an intense moisturiser, and the "Vanpir Dark Repair, Youth Activator", an anti-wrinkle serum.
Although I don't suppose I'll be able to tell if the anti-wrinkle serum works, I have often joked about vampire-themed anti-aging products and was just so in love with it being a reality!
Also, it's never too early to start taking care of your skin. Right?

I ordred these through YesStyle on March 6th.
They arrived yesterday, March 17th, to the UK.

The official description of the Dark Repair Cream is as follows;
"Fast-absorbing face cream boosts the natural metabolic process, promoting cellular turnover to lighten dark spots, smooth out lines and wrinkles and create a brighter, fairer complexion. The star ingredient of Dragon Blood Resin extract restores elasticity level while repairing skin damage. After cleansing and toning, spread an ample amount of cream all over face and neck lightly tapping into skin to hasten absorption."
"Dragon Blood Resin" is a specific type of red tree sap that has been used historically for many purposes, relating to beauty, medicine and dye.

The cream itself is scented, which I know a lot of people don't like, but I dont mind it and find the scent quite nice. It's floral and fruity and not particularly strong.
It's a very thick cream, and stays wet on your skin for a few minutes. But it instantly feels soothing.

The official description for the Youth Activator is;
"Concentrated serum targets the many signs of skin damage by boosting the natural metabolic process, encouraging cellular turnover for a brighter and more resilient complexion. Quick-spreading and penetrating serum creates a protective moisture film around skin to maintain the optimal moisture level while shielding it from external aggressors. Paraben-, synthetic pigment- and mineral oil-free formula makes it safe to use even on sensitive skin."

This serum is not scented, or barely so. I had to stick my nose right up close to the bottle to smell it and it was faintly medicinal. However, it has no obvious scent while using it normally.

The silver bottle has a dropper in the lid, for applying drops of the serum directly onto wrinkles or problem areas. It's a very nice product and did leave my skin feeling smoother.

Overall I think both products are worth the price, and may purchase the Mask in this line later.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New jewelry on the LDD Etsy store.

My etsy store "Low Down and Dandy" has a whole selection of new items available.
I have been branching out a little from elusively resin work, and have some clay and gem stone pieces up now.

                                             There is also a new shop category; Earrings!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Sailor Moon Star Wand Pointers

Part of the Sialor Moon 20th Anniversarry series of merchandise are these pointers, styled after the transformation wands from the anime.

They are more delicate, and higher quality than the toy versions, and are considered stationary.


The whole box glitters, inside and out. The back features artwork from the original anime of each of the Inner Senshi.

 The wands themselves are beautiful. They are metal, and extend under the "head" of the wand. 
They have the name of their corresponding Scout written on the side, and have pen-like clips on the end so you could keep them in a bag pocket safely.

(Mini Cutie-Rod Pointer!)

These are very different from the toy wands, and are obviously aimed at an older age group. They're just as perfectly detailed though and I absolutely love them.
I bought this set second hand from Mandarake.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sailor Moon Gatcha-Can Wands

Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary has flooded fans with new collectible items.
One of my favourite collectibles is replica magical girl wands, and the new series has made so many avaliable! Here, I will review the gatcha-can toy wands.

Gatcha-cans are like gatchapon, in that you buy them blindly and the contents are random.
Usually this would mean that you buy them one a time, from a designated machine, and collecting them all would take time and duplicates.
I pre-ordered the full set.

They arrived all together just as I hoped!

Each "can" is pink plastic, and opens along the side. Inside is the wand, in various parts, wrapped in pink plastic so as to keep it secret which one is inside!

 The parts clip together easily, and form perfect toy versions of the wands!

(This set included the Heart Spiral Wand, Kaleidoscope Wand, Venus and Jupiters Star Wands)

Here they are together with my Cutie Moon Rod and Mercury and Mars Star Wands;

(Mercury and Mars wands I bought second hand from Mandarake)

Thank You for reading! 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

GoldenPonies Holographic Shoes

I don't remember how I came across the GoldenPonies site, but I immediately fell in love with their holographic shoes. The site currently doesn't have an oficial image of the T-bar style in the holographic colour, so here are the oxfords, pictured in holo, and the "Marianne t-bar" pictured in gold.

I placed my order on January 6th, and they arrived on March 1st.
The standard shipping time is listed as 15 days, but all the shoes and bags are handmade and I don't think they had ready stock of the Marianne style in holographic, so the extra time was no problem.

They are based in Mexico, and the parcel did not end up in customs when it came to the UK!

The shoes themselves are gorgeous. They are a true holographic, and shine with all the colours of the rainbow.

The soles are a smooth plastic, so they were quite slippery at first. But a quick walk outside soon fixed that. The first time wearing them, the soles were quite hard. Not unbearable, still comfortable enough to wear all afternoon, but they still need a little breaking in. 

        Overall, I love them. The colour is gorgeous, they are comfortable, and run true to size.
                                I'm seriously considering ordering a matching bag from them.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

JMG Hina Matsuri

Last weekend I wore some old fashioned Goth style to go to the JMG's Hina Matsuri!
I haven't mentioned the JMG in some time on this blog, probably since my 2009 posts from Kunohe, as they were the people in charge of organizing my time there. In the years since I came home, I stopped attenting the JMG and was really curious to go back and see them all. Yushin and Fumi-san haven't changed a bit, and nor had the festival. It was so nostalgic, and fun.

(Video of the Taiko drumming, and kids singing japanese nursery rhymes!)

TonyMoly Fruit Cosmetics Review

Having had my eye on TonyMoly's fruit creams for a while, I finally decided to take the plunge and order them.
I placed my order on Feb 12th, from Taehoshop on Ebay.

    I got the red apple, and peach hand creams, as I use moisturiser a lot, especially in cold weather.

                                                 The parcel arrived yesterday, (2nd March).
                   Not the quickest shipping ever, as it took two and half weeks. But not terrible.

               Both items came wrapped in bubblewrap, in a small box that fit them perfectly.
I also got a free sample of a banana hand cream, and a leaflet of special offers for
I used the banana sample straight away, and it was lovely! It smelled like banana cake, and completely soothed my hands that had just come in from the cold. 

 The apple cream was £4.64 and comes with a little spatula, but honestly I didnt use it. 
I used this cream just before bed, and found that although the cream itself if quite sticky, once it's on it dries completely smooth. This morning, my skin so smooth and soft!
This cream smells like real apples, it's very fresh.

The peach cream was £4.06 and also smells like real fruit. Like peaches.
This one is smoother and less sticky than the apple one, but it stays wet on the skin a lot longer.

Overall I really like them, they're really nice for such a low price and absolutely worth it imho.

Thank You for reading, I hope you found this review useful!
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