Thursday, 19 June 2014

"Geek-a-Boo" Opening Day

"Geek-a-Boo" is a new comic/video game/ nerd culture merchandise store that opened just last weekend in the city centre of Glasgow. They had a some events for their big opening day, at which a few friends of mine were helping out, so of course I stopped by to see them!
There were cosplayers (both official and casual), a friend doing face painting for the younger kids, and another friend there in Lolita generally helping out. It was really busy, but it seems like the shop will do really well.

I wore a fairly toned-down Guro Lolita co-ord, featuring my new AATP lab coat.

Monday, 2 June 2014

"Lolitas" a book on the fashion, and lives.


Louise Anne Kennedy, the phographer I have mentioned several times now who has been working within our comm has published photos, and interviews with myself and several other girls in my local comm in this amazing book "Lolitas".
This whole project has been great fun to be a part of and I cant wait to get my own copy of the book.
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