Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Etsy Review; Creepyyeha

White leather cuffs and collar, studded with spikes and roses? YES PLEASE! Shiro lolita and white gothic styles are a big favourite of mine, these seemed perfect. So I decided to order from the Creepyyeha Etsy store;

They had all the items seperately, and one that came in a set. However, the set was only avaliable in pink. I contacted the seller to as for the set in white, and got a response very quickly saying that yes, that was completely fine (for no extra fee or anything!).
So I bought it there and then. The package arrived to me within a fortnight of ordering, from the US to UK.
They are very well made and adjustable to fit pretty much any size.

5/5 for Creepyyeha

seriously considering buying more lovelies from them sometime soon.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Wonderland Photoshoot with Stephen Mercer


These are just the taster shots from the photoshoot I did recently with Stephen Mercer. He was an absolute joy to work with! He had a plan for everything he wanted to do, and took into account my suggestions and ideas. between us, we made it a really great shoot.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Etsy Review; "Teja Jamillia"

I bought these very recently, after much fawning over them. I reccomend Teja Jamillia 100%, because of both the quality of the product and customer service.

At the beginning, I made a mistake in my order and had to change it, which she did with out any fuss, and even offered, should the order come through wrong once it arrived, to replace it if I just let her know. Even though the whole mess would have been my mistake from the start. This was exceptionally encouraging.

Despite the order having to be changed, the actuall tights still arrived to me within a week of ordering them. Very impressed by this.

They are great quality. Completely Opaque, and the pattern is true, well printed, and doesn't strech out weirdly at your calves and thighs. So far they have stood up against a full meetup in my wheelchair (as some of you may know - or may be interested to know - footplates and such can be murder on tights!), and a photoshoot that involved being amoung trees. Washed on gentle, they're still good as new.

Very Positive experience, will deffinately buy from her again.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Etsy Review; AliceDearArts

Knowing how I LOVE white gothic stuff and Shiro Lolita, you can imagine how hard I fell for the white coffin ring by "AliceDearArts". Their etsy store is HERE.

The rings come at what I think is a great price.

Being based in the US, shipping took a long time. I mean, 4-5 WEEKS long time, and that was no fault of theirs, but is something to watch out for.
Unfortunately, my ring arrived broken. But once I notified them of the problem, no time was spared apologizing and sending me a replacement, which was absolutely great. You can be sure of good customer service with them.
Once my replacement arrived, I discovered they'd also sent me a black one as a free gift, by way of apology!

They are currently my absolute favourite rings.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Etsy Review; "Two Penny Toast"

I'm dubbing this week "review week" since I have a few shopping reviews to catch up on. Mostly Etsy items I've been treating myself to here and there, when funds would allow, since the start of the year.

First, I bought this Book Barrette from "Two Penny Toast"

The shop has a whole selection of really nice, unusual headpieces. I couldn't decide for ages between this one or the Library one, but settled on this. The pictures show it at an accurate size. The actual barette clip is a large one, and might be a little too big for those with shorter hair or not wearing a wig, but I managed to wear it in my short, natural hair without too much fuss.

They are based in the US, and shipping time to the UK was quite a wait, but nothing unreasonable.

No problems at all cropped up during the transaction, which was great!

The only issue I had, was minor, and it's that the pages of the books aren't terribly well stuck down, and on the first wear, they started to flap open a bit. But it's nothing that can't be fixed with a tiny bit of craft glue.

So overall, a Positive Review of TwoPennyToast!

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