Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pink Pirate Outfits

I bought this pink AATP skirt a while ago and still haven't got around to wearing it. I have planned a co-ord however;Cutsew - Btssb
Skirt - AatP

two necklaces, one of a crown to symbolise treasure and one of keys, to go with the chest handbag!

Cutsew - Btssb
Shorts - Metamorphose

Friday, 22 July 2011

Vintage Victorian Outfits

Playing with my wardrobe recently, and making some interesting co-ordinates. This time featuring some vintage clothes I have that dont fit and I am intending to alter to fit, or potentially sell.

Bonnet - AatP
Overdress - Victorian Maiden
Underdress - Vintage

Hat - Miho Matsuda
Jacket - Innocent World
Shorts - Vintage Plus-fours

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Outfit Snaps and The Necropolis

I wore my lovely new Perfume Bottle skirt out a few days ago with the first pastel coloured shoes I have ever owned (lol).

Next, a Kodona outfit from during the week.

A friend of Harry's was visiting from the Netherlands and wanted to see the sights of Glasgow. I went with them to visit the Necropolis where I took some pictures, and the Oldest House, which is a genuine old house from 1471. It was so small and uneaven and magical!
But the Necropolis' gothic charm always takes my attention.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dressing Lolita in the Rain (plus bonus)

Summer showers, its hot AND raining. Two completely loli un-friendly weather conditions. So you have to adapt!
First things first, get your priorities right and chooose a pretty umbrella to base your outfit around! ;)

Since you're going to need the umbrella, you might as well make sure it co-ordinates.
Choose a hairstyle that wont get completely ruined in the humidity. My hair is naturally curly, so I wore a curly style. It'd be impossible to keep a sleek, straight look today. However, if you have naturally straight hair that falls out of curls easily, do the opposite. Play to your strengths!

Waterproof Mascara is a must.

Since you are likely to get at least the ends of your dress wet, and your feet go for clothes in block colours and leave your most delicate prints for a drier day. Most prints are not washable, and equally not rain-proof.

Because it IS july, and still warm, I wore a sheer chiffon blouse and ankle socks to ensure not to overheat.

i hope some of these tips are helpful to you <3

now for the bonus picture!:
Remember back when I used to post strange soft drinks regularly? I haven't tried anything new and unusual in a long time :(

Fanta STRAWBERRY. As modeled by the Professor.
We ordered this stuff from, which is a great source of nice drinks. Strawberry flavour is very sweet and quite sticky in your mouth, but it tastes like the strawberry sauce on the top of strawberry tarts and I absolutely love it.
My favourite is still grape flavour however.
I hope Fanta expands their selection in the UK one day. They really only do orange and lemon flavour here, in fact, "fanta" is often synonymous with "orange soda". For example, you would order, Cola or Fanta. The latter is always orange flavour.
But other countries get lots of weird and wonderful flavours!
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