Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Kodona Code: Basics

The next part of the Kodona Code, as collabourated on between myself and Amanda from FYeahKodona.
This time, we cover the absolute basics!

This guide is about the basics of a kodona outfit. It is intended for newbies, who don’t know where to start. If you’re already a lolita, you’ve probably already got many of the essentials!

A shirt. This is really one of the must-haves – I haven’t seen a t-shirt work in a kodona outfit. And the shirt must be formal, or better - loli-able! These shirts are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty.

Bottoms. The "Knickers" look is great, but in general – knee length pants.
Shoes. This is self explanatory, but please don’t use ballet flats or anything like that (of course, there’s exceptions, but in general – no go). Use something you think would look good with kodona. These oxfords are from Baby.
Even mens formal shoes have a small elevation in the sole and heel (even if it's a half centimetre)
Socks. Personally, I think it’s a shame that most people only use striped socks in kodona, when printed socks looks so amazing too! Both are from Baby.
A vest or a jacket is an absolute must. if possible though, wear both. It doesn’t have to be a Ciel Phantomhive-like 1800-century jacket, it can be very simple, like this above. From Vila
Some kind of headwear. A hat is wonderful, but flowers and corsages could look great too! Rose corsage from Baby.
A cravat, jabot, bowtie or something like that. This finishes it all off!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Shiro Gothic

The notion of shirololita (lolita entirely in white) has popped up again recently, in leu of the Old School revival. Something that heartened me, as shiro lolita was the first style I really loved. In fact, my first ever lolita outfit was entirely Shiro.
Infact, here's a picture of it:
(SkyBluePink, age 17, 2006.............My First Co-ordinate)

At the time I was very much inspired specifically by this image of the JRock band "BLOOD":

Mostly because it was something different to me. I'd never seen gothic clothes in white before, and absolutely loved it. It was so angelic, and still suitied my gothic sensebilities.

Shiro Punk? Or something. At the time, New Rock boots company had released limited edition white, patent boots. I spent many an hour online until I forund a pair for auction on Ebay.
And you know what? That was my first ever ebay purchase!

Since then I've gathered photos of gothic/shiro pieces and outfits and felt like showing you some of my favourites.

OP from Antique Beast
Co-ordinate from Putumayo
Angelic Pretty's "puppet circus" in White.
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