Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Kodona Code: Introduction

There are a great many helpful 'getting started' guides to lolita fashion, the most comprehensive and well known is probably The Lolita Handbook on LiveJournal.
But what about Kodona? It is always mentioned, but never gone into in depth. So, to right this, the fabulous got in touch with me and suggest we collabourate on making a boystyle guide to help inspire some new princes!

The guide will be split up into sections, that I will post as individual posts here on Goths Just Wanna have Fun. Once they have accumulated a bit, I will make a Page for the Kodona Code for ease of use.

I hope you all enjoy our efforts!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What makes a 'True Lolita'?

WARNING: Might raise some unpopular opinions, and I apologize for that, but please respect that this is simply my opinion and you do not have to agree. Thank you.

Something that came up recently in a topic was a mention of lolita going maisntream, and the horrors what would entail. It made me think, and eventually wonder, why are other lolitas into lolita?
Personally, it's just my style. I like the way it looks on me, and I like the way I feel wearing it the way I do.
If Lolita were to 'become mainstream', sure there would be a lot more branches of the style cropping up. Cheaper clothes, highstreet Lolita.

Even things that we wouldn't consider Lolita right now, would become part of the fashion, even things you don't like. But that wouldn't mean that the Lolita you know and love would be gone. That wouldn't stop you from wearing the fashion the way you want to wear it. Would it?
A lot of Lolitas seem to consider mainstream a Bad Thing, or as if it would 'taint' them.
Newsflash girls, if you're only into something to make yourself stand out, it's probably not what you really want is it?
To me, a 'true lolita' is someone who loves the fashion, feels good in it, and wears it comfortably by choice. Wearing, or in fact doing anything to seperate yourself, or for someone elses aproval, is in fact the definition of being a poser.

I remember back in high school, when there weren't many goths in my school. In fact, there were two of us. And the 'emo' phase hit.
Suddenly, eyeliner, wearing black, stripes and dyed hair and all that stuff was popular.
My friend said to me "At this rate, we'll have to change fashions just to stay in the minority!"
My mind boggled a little bit. I wasn't trying to be 'be the minority' or be seperate or stand out or any of that... I just liked how my fashion looked.
It seemed like a dream come true to be able to go to any random highstreet shop and find something I'd actually like to wear. But it opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of people, if not most people, are more interested inother peoples opinions of them, than their own opinion of themselves.

Being yourself does not mean being as seperate from everyone else as possible, it means being YOURSELF. Regardless of if what you want is 'mainstream' or not.

Fashion evolves and changes. Our Lolita is going to change, and things that are not currently considered lolita, will become a part of the fashion. Do you remember just a year or two ago when people would ask on the comms "is it okay to wear a wig with lolita?".
Now, thats pretty much expected.
Or 4-5 years ago, when it was asked "are polka dots really lolita?".
What about when you were just not considered lolita is your skirt was above knee-length? Or you didn't have a proper headdress?

You don't have to wear a wig. You don't have to wear polkadots.
You're don't have to reject wigs as a matter of principle, and if you choose not to wear polka dots it doesn't make you more or less of a lolita.
What makes you A Lolita, if you are one, is the same as what makes you You - doing what you want, to express yourself.

I have faith that most lolitas are True Lolitas. Why else would we go to so much effort and spend so much time and money on the things that we do? We all know it takes a genuine love for a hobby to dedicate so much to it.

Lolita is a fashion, not a uniform. Lets Enjoy it :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Everyday Outfit; Goths in the Cold!

Just as the weather seemed to be creeping out of the true depths of winter, we got another layer of frost! Brrr. So here I am in casual lolita, being eaten by a giant snake. I mean, wearing a big cosy scarf.
Jsk: WestMend
The rest is Offbrand.

Although I bought this JSK a little while ago, this was the first time I got to wear it. It really is lovely and comfortable. I bought it to wear casually, a simple black jsk is a wardrobe staple for any gothic lolita I feel. However, during the day one of the shoulder straps broke. the stitching just clean came apart. Easy enough to fix, but a little annoying.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

2011, Year of the Dandy?

Is it my imagination, or has there been a massive increase in interest in kodona and the boy-style side of our beloved fashion? Todays valentines post opened my eyes to it, as there were four valentines for soem well-deserving dandys in our community!
I will never completely abandon Lolita style, of course, I love it equally to Kodona/Ouji, but it is quite exciting to see the latter become more popular. maybe there will be more development on that side of things this year?
Lolita has evolved and changed so much, so many sub-styles and obvious 'eras' have come and gone. Maybe it's time for the princes to catch up?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Boy Dandy Photoshoot

Today, Harry ( and I went out and about for another photoshoot. This time with a dandy theme rather than lolita. (mostly out of us both being utterly enamoured by the red coat.. haha)
It was cold and misty, which added a nice atmosphere. Some of the ice was still on the ground, making it all slippery at some points! Luckily I didn't fall. Although it was a close one!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 Resolutions

So, it's 2011. A whole new year, a new start.
And a new blog layout. It will change, often, because I like to mix it up a little. Hopefully soon I'll make a banner that looks nice too although I'm not sure what sort of thing to go for.

My new years resolutions this year will be much the same as most year's;

- Take More Pictures.
I haven't been too bad with this one in 2010, but there were a lot of outfits that went unblogged due to lazyness.

-Buy less Coats.
This one is off to a bad start as I won an ebay auction for a new coat yesterday. There are 17 coats in my wardrobe. 17! Nobody needs that many coats! Everyone has their weaknesses I suppose, for some it's shoes or handbags or makeup. Mine is coats.
However, the coat I did just buy is an antique hunting tailcoat. So, excpect many photos of that!

- Update regularly.
I probably wont ever impose an 'update scedule' on my blog, as I find that pointlessly stressful and wouldn't enjoy blogging as a hobby if I started putting pressure on myself. But I'd like to try and make my posts a bit less sporadic, as there were huge gaps and then floods of posts all at once last year.

- Post more art.
My main hobby is drawing and painting, and lolita influences quite often spill over into my art. So I might start posting my things here.

- Kodona
A new resolution for 2011. Do kodona properly. I've always worn a 'casual' version of the style whenever I didn't want to wear lolita, or it wasn't appropriate to. But it's grown on me a lot, and I'd like to start building up a proper Kodona wardrobe and look.

- Eat more cake and drink more tea?
probably not physically possible!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2011 brings good things for us all!
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