Saturday, 19 May 2018

Glasgow Necropolis and Cathedral Meetup

Last weekend ScotLoli went out to visit Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis.
It was a beautiful, sunny day so we mostly hung around chatting and taking pictures.
Of course I made a video.

Thanks to MeshaNightengale for the outfit pictures (below)

Outfit Rundown:
Headdress: Antique Beast
Coat: Your Highness
Boots: Goth Pikes

Friday, 18 May 2018

LBC: 5 Releases From When You Started in Lolita

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme is "Share 5 Releases From When You First Got into Lolita"
It's been a long time since I took part in an LBC topic, mostly through forgetfullness on my part.
But I will try to do more.

My first enounter with Lolita Fashion came around 2004, although I didnt properly start following any communities or trying to wear it till 2005. 
And even then.. I didnt own anything that really worked for the fashion, just vintage clothes that I wished looked the part.
It was 2006 before I bought my first brand piece, and 2007 before I attended a meetup.

But lets get nostalgic here.

(2004 Pink Camo print on the left, not to be confused with 2006 Punkma Camo print on the right)

Metamorphose was my favourite brand. It still it, because they consistantly make the most interesting items.
All the "legendary" lolita and ouji items seem to come from Metamorphose.


(2006 Punkma Camo Print Hat and Shorts)

A lot of early metamorphose items really stuck with me.
The pink camo prints and cherry red pleather items in particular. 

Back then I mostly used my parent's computer to stare at Metamorphose' website, longing for the velveteen swallotail coats.

 One of those, in red, would still be my Holy Grail item of clothing.

( 2005 Metamorphose velveteen swallowtail coat, and velveteen pants)
Back then it was easier to find similar style off-brand items at the time than it was to order them.
Especially for Ouji style.
 Lolita was trickier.

But the first lolita piece I ever bought New From The Brand was this:

2006 Side-Frill Rose Skirt from Metamorphose.

A lot of my favourite lolita pieces are the ones I fell in love with right at the start.

This is Meta's Velveteen Princess OP from 2006, and matching hairbow.
Both of which I own and still wear regularly. 

Photos of it worn in 2008 and 2017

And pictured below in 2013. 

My other favourite dress is also a Metamorphose piece.

2004 Long Nun OP, I bought it second hand a few years after its release.
I had it altered to be ankle-length rather than floor length, and mostly wore it casually.

(pictured in an Outfit Planning from 2015 and worn in 2014)

Pictured below from a video in 2018

Lastly, is the infamous Hospitality Doll series.

This may forever be "the one that got away" from me.

So please have a look at that if you'd like to see more!

What was your first introduction to lolita and ouji fashion?
Has your style changed since then?

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Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Rise of Guro Lolita

Are you ready for Half-o-Ween? (Thats half way between two Halloweens). 
In 2016 I wrote an article on for Wunderwelt on Guro Lolita, describing the basics of the sub-style and asking if you would choose to wear it for halloween. Since then, the style has gained a lot of popularity. It may not be the most popular sub-style of lolita yet, but it has become more popular than I ever imagined it would.
When I last wrote about Guro Lolita, our options were limited.
The Metamorphose nurse sets were, and perhaps still are, the holy grail items for any Guro Lolita.

"Hopsitality Doll", the original metamorphose nurse set from 2003.
And "Engelsbeginn", the re-release in 2012.
Then, there was some less well-known, but equally great options;

That year [2016], Royal Princess Alice released the Dark Night Hopsital print for Halloween.
And things have been slowly snowballing from there!
Taobao, Indie and Japanese brands alike have all been making guro lolita designs lately. This may be partially due to the "Menhera" subculture that recently gained popularity.
"Menhera (メンヘラ)* is a japanese slang term derived from “Mental Healther*”. It became the spark of a sickly cute (病みかわいい) aesthetic which takes the abiguous usage of the word “sick”, like as an insult for something nonconformist, literally as reflection of the social stigma which still hides behind the surface of “kawaii culture”." (from While menhera itself does seem to focus more on a softer, cuter image. There has been an increase in medical themes in fashion, and perhaps that did influence a lot of guro lolita. Here are just some of the wide variety of guro lolita items that have been released in the past year and a half:

Alice and the Pirates Nurse set for Halloween 2017.

Alice and the pirates "Secret Hospital For Dolls"

Angelic Pretty's "Fancy Hopsital"

Dangerous Nude's Trevor Brown Collab Print

Diamond Honey's Medical Tools print

Elegy's special re-release of "Eat Your Heart Out"
League of Fang insect collector print

If there are any I've missed out, please do leave a comment letting me know!
What do you think of Guro Lolita? Has your opinion on it changed over the past year? Would you wear it, even outside of Halloween?